Mint Silicone Mask Brush Set 2 PCS
Mint Silicone Mask Brush Set 2 PCS

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Mint Silicone Mask Brush Set 2 PCS

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Silicone Facial Mask Brush Set

Designed with a durable, antibacterial silicone head to evenly spread cream, gel or masks without wasting precious product.

  • Gift Set
  • Durable silicone spatula
  • Even face mask application
  • Makes mask application mess-free and easier than ever
  • Brush cleans your pores and can be used to blend color for even coverage
  • Applies easily to your face without absorbing or carrying bacteria.

To Use: Scoop cream, gel or clay mask out of the container, using the Mask Applicator spatula set. Apply mask by starting in the middle of the face and working outward towards the hairline, avoiding the eye and mouth area. Use short strokes to create an even layer all over the face and neck.